Patricia Stitson, Organizer

Nerissa Weeks, Director

A note from the organizer:

We are inviting you to help create the inaugural TEDxSolanaBeach event with the hope of creating a legacy event that will bring the community together for inspiration and intellectually challenging discussion.  My aim is less to lead and more to guide.  The following are the main roles that are open.  Please read short description before following the link at the bottom of the page to apply.

Director, Nerissa Weeks: The director works with all committee leads to develop the event experience.  Will become an expert in all rules and guidelines of the TEDx license.  This person should be able to dedicate about 10% of their time to leading the organization of the event and be willing to roll their sleeves up where needed.

All leads below are expected to build small teams to support their efforts as needed.

Sponsorship/Sponsor Experience Lead: Point of contact and relationship builder with sponsors.  Will also work with communications to present sponsors within TEDx license parameters.

Community Experience:  In charge of communicating event details to local, community.  Will also lead building awareness of talks to local, national, and international audiences. May also outreach to interest groups.

Participant Experience: In charge of developing the participant experience from refreshments to parking.  Will work with communications to relay schedule and other details, etc to audience.

Speaker Experience:  In charge of building a team to guide speakers through preparation, coaching and in-show support.  Will become an expert in TEDx expectations and guidelines for speakers.

Interactive Experience: In charge of all participant engagement and interaction activities.  This could include speaker QA sessions, twitter or instagram challenges etc.  Can be a very fun role.  (My favorite and I will work closely with this role)

Event Follow-Up: In charge of all post event follow-up including the post event TEDx survey, promotion of videos and event recap communications.

Venue Experience:  In charge of working with venue to work out all logistical details as required.  Also will develop signage etc to guide participants as needed.

In-Show Experience:  In charge of everything from stage management to audio visual logistics.  May choose to split this lead between a stage manager expert and audio/visual/live event video expert. Big role.  MUST be dedicated.

Volunteer Experience: In charge of coordinating day-of volunteers.  Also in charge of preparation, including pre-event meetings etc.  Must be willing to be creative about making the volunteer experience rewarding and fun, including providing perks etc.

UPON acceptance each committee lead will receive a high-level project plan with key milestones as well as supporting documentation from the TEDx Handbook.