Meet our Speaker Coaches:

One of the benefits of becoming a TEDx speaker is the opportunity to work with speaker coaches to create and practice your best talk.  We are grateful to announce that veteran speakers and coaches John Bates and Marilyn McPhie are thrilled to make themselves available to our speakers.  If you are a TEDx speaker coach and would like to volunteer your services to our event speakers please feel free to contact us.

John Bates has worked with over 30 different TEDx events and coached hundreds of TEDx speakers, attended multitudes of TED and TEDx events, organized a TEDx event and has spoken at TEDActive and TEDx many times.  He is 100% the ‘real deal’ when it comes to the TED talk format. He also trains and coaches executives at Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation Labs, Accenture, Boston Scientific and he’s even trained the NASA Astronauts in Leadership Communication and the TED Format.

John sees success in leadership, sales, management and more generally, in business and life itself, as a function of great communication. Executives at NASA, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson and other global organizations agree that John’s methodology is quite probably the best and most effective approach to leadership, communication, persuasion and influence that they have ever experienced.

“You have something truly awesome to share with the world. I’m here to bring it out of you so it can live out in the world and make a real difference!”  – John Bates

Marilyn McPhie once had to choose between cleaning bathrooms and telling stories.  She’s been a professional teller since 1985, performing at schools, libraries, bookstores, museums, corporate and private events and festivals around the country. She has collaborated with musicians from a classical pianist to a bagpiper to a full orchestra; with art museums and galleries for exhibits from William Wegman photography to ancient Chinese art to modern book arts; with a dance troupe for a performance on peace strategies.  She has lead a troupe of student storytellers, has written a review column for a national storytelling newsletter and has been a judge for a national spoken-word competition and a TEDx speaker.  Currently the Pacific Region Director for the National Storytelling Network and President of the Storytellers of San Diego, she has presented at many state and regional conferences and has a fondness for old stories with new twists. She’s descended from Charlemagne, pioneers and folks who lived in Salem, Massachusetts during the witch trials She has five amazing children and twenty-two even more amazing grandchildren.  She grew up in Pasadena and now lives in Penasquitos, which means “little bluffs”—an appropriate home for a storyteller.