Entries by Patricia Stitson

Lane Sharman

“The San Diego Energy District (SDED) exists to speed the 100% Clean Electricity future. The quickest, most affordable means of doing so is through creation of Community Electricity Choice programs. The path is clear and proven.”

Claire Griffiths

“When I was formally diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was relieved, but my classmates didn’t know how to treat me.

They would call me crazy, or push me away, or talk about me behind my back. I was very lonely and I punished myself for it.”

Bill Ramage

“Humans have always wanted to live longer. While immortality is an attribute only given to the gods, humans now want more than the standard 70 to 80-year lifespan. Around the world, 30 to 50% of wealthy people now expect to live to 100. This has ignited a dramatic expansion in the number of biotechnology companies dedicated to addressing diseases of aging.”

John Girard

“Technology has always played a role in human community building: fire was arguably one of the first technologies, and was the first notable place humans gathered in community to share stories; writing gave us community building through the rapid dissemination of ideas…”